being there when they need us

In November 1999 the doors were open to those in need at Osceola Christian Ministry Center. It provided a place for Daily Bread to continue its feeding program. It also began providing other needed services



It truly takes a community. Literally thousands of individuals come to the Center each year. Over 30 churches and groups serve either monthly or quarterly, bringing all the food and supplies needed to give a hot meal to all that come.



We have a variety of adult clothing so that clients can get clothes for work, interviews and church. Nearly all our clothing is donated, though we do buy socks and underwear.


You may have noticed that Kissimmee has some of the cleanest homeless around. Sometimes a client is hard to recognize after a shower and with clean clothes. Each client is provided toiletries and shower supplies.

food pantry

Families can come to the Center to receive a bag of groceries each month. It is essential help for families who have found themselves in financial straits. Donations come in form many individuals, schools, churches and businesses.

Osceola Christian Ministry Center

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