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what we do
       Osceola Christian Ministry Center has been growing hope for ten years. We've done it by helping the homeless and underemployed in Osceola county with an array of services. We help with meals, clothing, showers, food, medical and dental care and spiritual needs. Everything is free of charge.
       Last year, over 1,800 individuals came to the Center to get help. While some of these people are regular clients, most were people who were in need of temporary assistance because of financial difficulties or because they were new to the area. For many of them, we were a helping hand that helped get them on their feet.
       Osceola Christian Ministry Center is a 501(c)(3) and is operated by First Baptist Church of Kissimmee. We are able to do all we do through the generosity of over 25 local churches as well as civic groups and individuals. Last year we had in excess of 18,000 volunteer hours! We are truly a faith-based organization and receive no government funding.
Osceola Christian Ministry Center